Questions to Ask Your Concrete Contractor

Questions to Ask Your Concrete Contractor

When deciding on concrete contractors, many range in price, experience, reliability, quality, and professionalism. Pouring new concrete is a big (and can be an expensive) project, which is important to get right the first time. This blog post will explore some questions to ask your concrete contractor before getting started on your upcoming project.

#1: When will the work begin?

As with many of the items on your home “to-do” list, you want to get the project done ‘yesterday’ but need to do the proper research to find a reputable concrete contractor. A booked schedule typically means the contractor is busy working on jobs and has a work calendar that is mapped out to efficiently schedule jobs. If the contractor is ready and willing to begin tomorrow, that could be a red flag. You may want to ask… how many jobs have you completed in the past several months/years? What is your experience? How long have you been in the industry? Can I take a look at recent projects?

Questions to Ask Your Concrete Contractor

#2: References.

Not all concrete flatwork contractors have completed the same training, or have the same experience and process. Each process can differ slightly from company to company, so understanding if past customers would recommend the contractor is key. Simply ask the concrete contractor for a list of a few past project customers. When you have a few minutes, give them a call and ask them about their experience with the said contractor. Here are a few questions that you could ask the customer to gather information:

  • How long did the company say the project would take? Were they on-time each day, and did they complete the project within the timeline promised?
  • Were they within budget?
  • Did you have a mess to clean-up after they left or did they keep the area tidy?
  • Were the results as you expected? Anything that stood out either good or bad?
  • Would you hire them again for another project?

#3 of Questions to Ask Your Concrete Contractor: Google search

Yep, Google is a powerful tool. With a quick search of “Concrete Companies in Kansas City,” over 16,200,000 results populated. That is overwhelming and unhelpful if you’re not sure what you are looking for. A way to gather additional, and more helpful, information is to take a look at a companies’ Google Reviews. This will tell you a lot about that company, both the good and the bad. Also, check out their social media pages for project pictures and testimonials, their website for additional information, and their Google MyBusiness page. Businesses like DS Concrete Kansas City are transparent with their services and offer an in-depth website. Many Kansas City concrete companies can promise quick and cheap concrete work, but their work reflects the promise.

#4: Price

Concrete work can range drastically in price. Recently a neighbor of mine requested a quote for a basketball slab in their backyard, and received quotes ranging from $4,200 – $9,990. All of the companies quoted the same size, but obvious differences occur in the pricing. How do you know what is a fair and honest price? Again, ask for references… when you are speaking with them, ask about their project price… how much did they pay? Did they go over the amount estimated? How did the company fall within the other estimates they received? Did they show up on the date/time they scheduled? As with anything else… you get what you pay for.

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