What to Look For When Selecting a Concrete Contractor

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When searching “Kansas City concrete contractors,” you will find pages and pages of companies that are seemingly viable. So, how do you know which is truly reputable, responsible, and experienced?

Here are a few tips on what to look for when selecting a concrete contractor.

  1. Timeline

    If you can pick up the phone and ask a contractor when their next available appointment and they are able to come out today…that is a red flag. 2020/2021 has seen a housing market like no other, and people are making home improvements and revamping their outdoor spaces. If a concrete contractor is not backed up for weeks, something isn’t right.

    Some of the reasons for the busy schedules for concrete contractors is that people are spending more time outside and at home with family so a viable option to invest in their property is with a larger outdoor space. Patios and outdoor living space with larger concrete areas, pools, sports courts, sheds, and more.

    Any upgrade or addition to your residence is an investment, so be sure you evaluate the Return on Investment of your project. Questions to consider: Do you plan to stay at this resident for years? Are you flipping the house and need a quick and inexpensive concrete pour? Are you in the market to sell and want to make immediate ROI? Do you have piering or any other concrete services needed?

2. Research

The internet is a powerful tool for researching local concrete companies. Aside from reviewing the company’s website, be sure to complete the following checks as well:

Find their Google reviews. Are there any red flags, such as only a few reviews (could indicate a new company),
poor (1 or 2 star) reviews, fake reviews…

Ask the company for referrals…. and actually call the referrals. Again, if a company is hesitant to send you
referrals, or simply doesn’t have any on hand to send you… red flag.

Simply google the company. Within the first few results, you’ll find the good, bad, or ugly about the company.
Have they been reported to BBB? Are they on Angie’s List? If so, they had to pass a background check for the company. Are they on Thumbtack? Do they have a social media presence?

3. Insured

An imperative part of the process is verifying the insurance of the contractor. Most contractors will include this information within their estimate/proposal so the customer can confirm the legitimacy of the company. However, if a company is not insured, or not up to business standards, you are opening yourself up to a large liability. What if something went wrong on the project… who takes responsibility? It’s on your yard… and if the contractor has no insurance, what recourse do you have? All professional and reputable contractors should have general liability insurance coverage. 

4. Past Projects/Gallery

Experience is key. One of the rules of thumb is to select a contractor with over 5 years of concrete experience. Ask to see a portfolio of their completed projects. Most companies will have before/after pictures on their website. A reputable and experienced company will have pictures that showcase their work.

Don’t be afraid to ask who their past clients are… which neighborhoods they work in…. what commercial experience they have… etc. You are investing in a lot to have the project done, so ask questions!

5. Communication

So many companies lead with their ‘best customer service’ pitch. Those that get back to you with an estimate in a timely manner are already investing in building a relationship with you.

If the sales team agreed upon a day to have the estimate to you, and that day comes and goes within the company reaching out… pass. If they aren’t working hard enough for your business, then the process will likely lack communication. Some of the best reviews that DS Concrete receives is about the thorough process and how our team walks the customer through each step. This is what we aim to do and it’s incredibly powerful to have customers recognize this.

If the contractor shows up for your estimate appointment and is rushed or doesn’t have time to answer your questions… pass.

As with any home project, we understand the time and stress that can be associated with the project. However, understanding and being aware of what to look for when selecting a concrete contractor can reduce stress and enjoy the process of transforming a space!